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The Systems Supplement

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I LOVE working with Chiefs like you to create detailed standard operating procedures and train the team on how to get the most from your business systems. This blog is an ideal supplement for your team that has Google Workplace & ClickUp at the heart of operations and provides value to Chiefs who appreciate details and also want to tap into the mobile versions of certain tools. Primarily, I’ll break down different systems to help you and your team build an efficient and resilient business. Sometimes, I’ll share my personal experiences because they are so intricately intertwined with and impact my business which affects how I serve you.

The end goal is to help you create space to step away from the details of daily operations by preparing a solid foundation for growth, perfecting your processes, and protecting your business operations from unplanned events. Let’s remove growth barriers together and celebrate your BE.S.T. success! 🦋

Greetings and thank you for visiting. As your business systems consultant, my purpose is to help you streamline your operations. Today, I would like to

Develop your ideal client avatar they said. My what? My who? Why do I need to define such a thing? How exactly does one do

A Couple Things About Me 🦋  Butterflies remind me of freedom, elegance, change, and my grandmother.  🧡  I LOVE gadgets and all things tech. 😂 

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. This blog is an ideal supplement for small teams that use Google Workplace & ClickUp as their core business tools. Here, you’ll find tips on streamlining your business operations systems, creating and maintaining SOPs, team training, and keeping up when you’re on-the-go. Let’s eliminate operations bottlenecks and create efficiency & resiliency in your business! 

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