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Introducing “Butterfly”, And The BEST Fit For Your Business Transformation

Develop your ideal client avatar they said. My what? My who? Why do I need to define such a thing? How exactly does one do this? Why can’t I just help whoever needs me? Crappp. I had endless questions and zero knowledge of how to get to the answers. So, I did what I know how to do…I forged ahead. Pfft, my business is growing so whatever! THREE years later, I was not happy in my business, not challenged with my work, not looking forward to my work every day, changing what I do, taking every opportunity. Regrets? Absolutely NOT! I had to take that exact journey because every step helped reveal whom I should serve and how I should show up.

Her name is Butterfly 🦋  and she is ever so graceful, confident, and full of joy. She is a progressive, creative visionary who makes bold yet informed decisions and commits to fully exploring solutions. She embraces the type of change that is growth-focused and yields results-based transformations. She exudes a passion for helping others, developing individuals, and advocating for equality. She is a guiding force of comfort and inspiration to those around her. She values clarity, empowerment, consistency, and communication and she appreciates details. She doesn’t need to be convinced that documenting her processes, creating standard operating procedures (SOPs), and keeping her team trained are the foundational keys to success. She knows this! She’s equally excited about her trajectory and exhausted with daily operational details. Although she’s tech-savvy and willing to learn, she has no desire to be in the weeds which means she strategically builds her team to complement and maximize her strengths and expertise.

I met her purely by chance because, as the universe dictated, she emerged for me. You see, I had been blessed with many opportunities to serve a mix of entrepreneurs with different strengths, at all levels in their business growth, and in some very complex industries. Although I strived to deliver my best, I did not thrive in every collaboration and, in some cases, even felt that I let my client down. It sucked, really sucked that a client’s expectations were sometimes not met.

BEST Systems Tactics

My final service pivot happened when I realized that I am consistently drawn to a woman entrepreneur who needs help systemizing business operations and team growth so that she has the space to advocate for and develop others. I looked forward to every interaction with her. I wanted to GIVE and GIVE and GIVE to her.

Reflected in her and her mission are the things that I value and that give me butterflies: showing grace unto others, developing individuals, team cohesiveness, clarity, flexibility, efficiency, advocacy, and authenticity. These characteristics were already present in my personal life and when I started focusing on incorporating them into my business, I saw her clearly and understood why we are a good fit & how to show up for her.

Because I focus on creating SOPs, training the team, and the core tech ecosystem, I am the RIGHT collaboration partner who will help her get out of the weeds, out of the details of daily operations, and reduce her team’s reliance on her for routine tasks. My Kolbe-A assessment modes indicate that my expertise lies in the strategic organization of information & systemization and I am a great complement to her visionary strength as well as the implementor on her team.

With these focus points and strengths, I am able to accurately estimate how long our engagement will last to get her to the other side of the problem. With my own sub-contractor partners, I can easily customize her project needs and remain flexible with timelines. Certainly, my training and standardization background adds value to help her get in front of the SOP challenges. So does my Certified Online Business Manager designation. As does my Vetted ClickUp Consultant, Dubsado Pro, and Google Workplace expertise. This combination allows me to be the BE.S.T. collaboration partner for her because, at the end of our engagement, she must be on the other side of the challenges that brought us together.

I’m so glad for the journey that led me to discover Butterfly. I am grateful for each day that I rise because it’s one more day that I’m ready to help her document processes, develop SOPs, and train the team. Together, we are joyful, confident, progressive, growth-focused, values-driven, passionate, advocators, and people developers. Together, we complement each other. Together, we expand the excitement and limit the exhaustion. 🦋

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