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What Others Said

Increased productivity from Odette's direct guidance.

Odette really dug into our business to clearly understand our issues. She offered not only assistance directly related to our immediate concern, but also gave great advice & guidance that increased productivity overall in the business.

Tina Wiltsee
Advantage Supports

#1 trainer and ClickUp set up!

Odette is simply amazing. Within a few sessions, she was able to help me get ClickUp set up and configured to meet our business’ use case and to help me roll out the product to my team and get them trained. She’s #1 in my book!

Jonathon Popphan
FCF Consulting Partners

Odette's technical support and energy in setting up our ClickUp are unmatched!

We would not be as efficient and organized in Click Up if it were not for Odette’s expertise, patience, and honest joy to teach. Saying she has helped us work better is an understatement. Her technical support and energy are unmatched!

Larissa J.
The Wrap Life

Larissa J.

“[Odette helped] us set up in a way that aligns with the way we already work. It’s customized, as opposed to giving us some structure or set up that is recycled from client to client.”

Systems Assessment

You are not sure if you & your team are using the best tools in your business because you’ve lost track of what tools you have, signed up for, are paying for, and even who’s using what. This systems audit is perfect to help you get control of what’s what, what’s where, and what’s needed. 

Together, we will assess your current systems and I will make recommendations on best practices & tools that will complement how you & your team work. 

We want to eliminate options that bog you down or create bottlenecks. Start with a systems audit! 

This service will help you to

  • Get clear on where you are now and what needs immediate attention.
  • Identify gaps, repetition, and waste.
  • Establish first/next steps and allocate the action plan resources.

Team Training

You are pretty sure that your core tech stack is the RIGHT fit for your business. This might include Google Workplace, ClickUp, or HoneyBook, plus a booking system. What you don’t have is a team that feels confident about the tools & systems. 

Right now, your rockstar team is frustrated and desperately in need of guidance. They could eventually figure things out but that is not the best use of their skills or your resources. 

You need the systems to help resolve organization, workflow, and tracking issues, not amplify them. It’s time to focus on training. 

This service will help you to

  • Figure out why your team is not using the tools correctly or at all.
  • Get you & your team spun up quickly so that the business stays organized.
  • Eliminate major stumbling blocks to integrating your tech stack.
  • Quit constantly reassigning or retraining current team members.

Process Documentation​

You are kicking butt in your biz, you have a rockstar team, AND you are on track to exceed your goals but dang it, the infrastructure is just not in place to support your projected growth. 

Actively shape the future course of your business by developing an operational culture that enables you to quickly adapt. Exude RESILIENCE to trends, changing marketplaces, and customer needs. 

When we work together to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and handbooks for your most crucial processes, you will drastically reduce the team’s dependence on you and position your business for consistent, fluent, and resilient operations to fuel growth.

This service will help you to

  • Create the foundation to elevate to the highest levels you envision.
  • Implement systems to support & position the business for unlimited growth.
  • Avoid wasting resources & dependence on your input at every turn.
  • Eliminate the worry associated with loss of intellectual property when team members are offboarded.
  • Clarify team roles & responsibilities.
  • Ensure business continuity and resiliency during unplanned disruptions.  
African support tech female

Ongoing Support

Maybe you’ve started setting up your system and don’t want to lose momentum but just can’t carve out large blocks of time all at once. 

Maybe you need additional support to continue streamlining your processes or help to clean up your systems. Available exclusively to current & alumni clients, my monthly retainer support package is your solution to continuous improvement. 

Protect your momentum and ensure that your team and your systems stay organized! 

This service will help you to

  • Get help when you need it & clear answers to questions as they arise.
  • Work in sustainable time blocks to perfect and protect your business operations.
  • Maintain momentum to solidify your key business systems & processes.